Officers of the Greenfield Presbyterian Church


Rotating Off:  Class of 2022: Don Scates, Bob Mosley, Jerry Drewry, Allen Moore

Class of 2023: Harriet Drewry, Greg Robinson, Frank Gibson, Nancy Biggs 
Class of 2024: Don Durden, J. Randy Huffstetler, Lee Ann Usery, Greg Usery 
Class 0f 2025:  Mike Biggs, Tom Liggett, Ronnie Yeargin, Randy E Huffstetler
Class of 2026:  (Inactive) Don Scates, Allen Moore, K K Robinson, Natalie Scates

Clerk of Session:  Natalie Scates

Church Treasurer:  K. K. Robinson



Rotating Off: Class of 2022:  Tommy Akin, Robert Rodriguez, Willie Trevathan, Emily Pitt

Class of 2023: Gavin Elam, Jay Yeargin, Amanda Rodriguez, Sam Richardson
Class of 2024: Jake Biggs, Tony Robinson, Marilyn Pugh, Don Pitt
Class of 2025 , Phillip McConkey, Brent Little, Danny Perry, Vickie Johnson
Class of 2026 ,(Inactive),Tommy Akin, Robert Rodriguez, Willie Trevathan, Emily Pitt


Rotating Off, Class of 2022: Jerry Drewry, Ron Cantrell

Class of 2023: Barbara Akin, Frank Gibson 
Class of 2024, Mitzi Elam, J Randy Huffstetler 
Class of 2025: Greg Usery, Bob Moseley 
Class of 2026: (Inactive) Jerry Drewry, Ron Cantrell 
Sunday School Officers:

Superintendent:  Mike Biggs; 

Assistants:  J. Randy Huffstetler and Danny Perry

Treasurer:  Tommy Akin


Missions Committee: 

Chair:  Harriet Drewry, Kay Perry, Jan Gibson, Vickie Johnson

Deacons Fund Committee:

Chair:  Tommy Akin, Willie Trevathan